We may have been quiet, but we’ve been busy. It’s Loopallu’s 10th Birthday year, so we thought we should start by giving a few things a spring clean and polish. Starting with our new website. We do hope you like it.

News of the all important acts will be following soon. Some familiar faces, as well as some new future stars in the making. Don’t leave it too long to think about coming though, campervan tickets have already sold out, and weekend tickets are already two months ahead of last year. You’ve been warned.

For those of you who have already bought tickets, and are already planning your trip this years fancy dress theme could only be one thing… Birthday!

So, come head to Ullapool in September and help us celebrate.

Loopallu x

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Those who've been rave about it.... it's a small event, but the line up overshadows that of many mainstream festivals.


Always one of the most fun and friendly festivals, Loopallu punches above it's weight


They’re selling the family silver – even granny is at risk of being put up for auction as fans try and outbid each other for tickets for Loopallu.

The Press and Journal

The only music event anywhere in the world to feature both Franz Ferdinand and the Ullapool Pipe Band.

The Guardian

SPONSORS:     Ullapool Book Festival West Beer Highland Liquor Co.


The Arch Inn The Ceilidh Place The Frigate Argyll Hotel